ᴑ     in leadership

We encourage the generation of fresh ideas. We promote the ability to think and reflect on experiences, the importance of validating results, the art of keeping matters simple as well as managing complexity.

Amongst other things we focus on:

    How to raise awareness and manage emotions
    How to balance views and find directions
    How to read positions and see the bigger picture
    How to play with time
    How to embrace ambiguity and re-frame problems as opportunities
    How to use tools like IT to integrate and quicken processes

ᴑ     in performance

We unlock human potential and emphasise common ground rather than differences whilst bringing people together on projects. We foster genuine commitment and the benefits of operating as a single collective intelligence, whilst handling resentment issues to liberate the flow of efforts. Reflecting, learning and understanding thus become a reflex stimulating continuous communication, experimentation and innovation. We are not here to judge your values but to challenge their universality for your own benefit. This is about extending thinking in a supportive and challenging way.

ᴑ     in continuity

Valuing, developing and connecting are the issues that employees seem to most care about. With increased competition for quality talent, it is those three subtle parameters rather than hard processes focusing on ‘acquiring and retaining’ people that will influence your progression. If organisations can positively engage and challenge their best employees, ultimately they will retain those employees and in turn strengthen their position.

ᴑ     in diversity

It is a fair assumption that teams comprised of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural members are generally more effective than homogeneous ones. This assumption derives from the case for diversity, in that it results in greater creativity and panorama. This basically correct supposition can however be deemed incomplete, in that global teams are only more effective when properly managed. Cultural differences can also cause immense frustrations and represent real mystery to many. When understood and used constructively, these differences provide a remarkable source of richness for inter-actions, learning and growth leading to tangible results.

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