CONTACT» Our initial contact consists of a discussion/meeting to establish how we could contribute to your plans, given your context and challenges. We listen to you at the level required to gain an impartial and broad understanding of the issues and objectives you are wanting to address.



REFLECTION» We use proven methods and experience to expand visions in a kaleidoscopic manner, looking at issues from different angles, each with their own potential merit. These deep analytical reflections tend to facilitate a picture of situational completeness allowing for the laying out of perspectives.



FORMULATION» The next stage is the co-creation of a strategic plan in-line with your aims and objectives. We focus on your most pressing ‘red issues’, keeping in mind the full picture and allowing space for the integration of fresh ideas at later stages. We would also normally set out parameters for assessing agreed milestones.



IMPLEMENTATION» Our open approach to service delivery through inclusiveness allows for the emergence of realities and opportunities. The processes comprise of three major components: observing the current reality (sensing); retreating and reflecting to allow an ‘inner knowing’ to emerge (presencing); and acting swiftly in order to bring forth a new reality (realising).



TIME AND BUDGET» We address complex challenges and stumbling blocks using facilitation processes, achieving breakthroughs within timescales. Project time lines are monitored and reviewed on an on-going basis so that commitments are best managed to achieve the expected results on time and budget.



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